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What is your Gate Score?-2012 Gate Exam Cutoff marks and possibility of admission.
Published By winnerjose on 2012-03-15 458 Views

What is the Gate exam cut off marks?Gate Exam 2012 was conducted on 12 February 2012. The response from the enginering student community was enormous.The exam was typically a bit tuffer than the previous years paper.Let us now try to analyse what would be the possible marks for admission.

Gate exam or Graduate aptitude test in Engineering  is the only option for admission to various M TECH coures in almost all the institute in india.The renowned institutes like Indian Institutes of Technology[IIT],National Institutes of Technology [NIT] and other government colleges under various state governments take admission only from this exam.Moreover,companies like BHEL,SAIL,NPCIL,POWERGRID,NTPC,IOCL have decided to take up candidates for various vacancies purely based on the gate score.

So this makes the Gate exam more powerful than ever before.The number of students attending the exam has increased and so has the standard of gate exam

Possibility of Admission.

Let us analyze the possibility of admission here.So i suggest everyone to login to the Gate score link below and check their marks.Then comeback here and comment your marks below so that everyone gets to know the General cutoffs of all students.

Would you Get the Admission with your Marks?

The general cut off marks vary from stream to stream and cannnot be predicted by anyone.Take into consideration the fact that the exam was a lot tougher than previous years which makes the possibilty of getting marks with lesser marks a possibility.Even if you failed to pass the cut off last year, you would have a better chance this year.

With the possibility of studying along with being paid  a handsome amount of money as stipend is an  interesting idea.

Comment below the marks with your stream.

Check your Gate score at What is your Gate Marks


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